Why coffee & water maintenance is essential for the hospitality sector

Let’s be honest, we’ve seen better times but skipping out on your coffee and water maintenance is not a good idea. Can you afford to serve up coffee with a compromised taste because of a faulty filter? Would you run the risk of having to operate without your coffee machine due to irreparable erosion?

These issues and more can pass unnoticed until they are beyond repair or affect the quality of the goods you’re selling. In use daily, day to day and weekly cleaning isn’t enough to root out the deeper problems which can occur over time.

When parts are left to deteriorate you end up with substantial damage to your machine that’s costly and shortens its lifespan.

It’s for these reasons UK health and safety regulations set out expectations for all coffee machine owners to have their equipment checked regularly. The standard period for the hospitality sector in the UK and the Channel Islands is at least once a year.

Whether you’re a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or cafe, scheduling an annual coffee machine maintenance service will not only save you serious time and money in the long run but also protect your reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at why coffee and water maintenance is essential for the hospitality sector in the Channel Islands and explore what a coffee machine service in Jersey and Guernsey involves


In heavy use, commercial coffee machines need to be descaled periodically. Over time, a build-up of limescale will affect the taste and quality of your products.

During a service, your commercial coffee machine can be deep cleaned to prevent damage deep within its inner parts. In particular, cleaning will tackle the build up of: calcium carbonate, chlorine, heavy metals and magnesium carbonate which accumulate over time.

Water hardness and quality varies according to the location of your business so depending where you are and how frequently you use your machine, you may decide to schedule services as often as twice or three times a year.


Heat and steam are powerful elements which eventually take their toll on even the most robust commercial coffee machines.

From broken gaskets to baskets, valves and spray heads, during your coffee machine repair each component will be carefully checked to guard against dangerous leaks and faults which could abruptly put your coffee machine out of use.


Central to the delicious taste of your coffee, a coffee machine’s filtration system must be kept in good working order. Multiple elements mean anything from leaks to erosion, replacement parts or cleaning could be necessary.

A failing system will ruin the taste and appearance of your coffee and therefore your reputation. Schedule your maintenance service for peace of mind of and ensure customers always receive the quality product you intended.

Energy Efficiency

Issues such as an accumulation of limescale or a faulty filter will quickly degrade the performance of your coffee machine.

Unable to function at its best, your machine will have to work harder to deliver mundane tasks meaning energy efficiency will be compromised and electricity bills will increase.

With a scheduled coffee machine service in place, you can ensure your machine is always running at optimum condition. During our commercial maintenance checks for businesses in Jersey and Guernsey, we painstakingly ensure each part is working as it should.

Certified by the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, we’ll check everything from temperatures to water flow and wear and tear. With any issues picked up early, your machine will continue to perform at its best for years to come.


Once all the work is complete we provide you with the important records you need for compliance. Book coffee machine maintenance or repair for your Jersey or Guernsey business today. Go

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