Some of the world's smartest water taps, ready for installation in Jersey & Guernsey

Our Water Taps

Zip Hydro Arc
Residential, Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling & Filtered water appliance featuring a single under bench command centre.
Zip Hydro G5
Enjoy pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water flowing from the simplest of touches with the Zip HydroTap G5.
Brita Vivreau C-Shape
In BRITA Vivreau, you can rely on BRITA's reliable and sustainable filtration technology as well as a great solution for any office water tap that will cut down re-usable waste.
Aqua Libra illi
Innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and premium aesthetics. The highest performing tap on the market today.
Aqua Libra Alto
Boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. Three taps. One base unit. And don’t forget the colour. What colour? Any colour!
Bespoke Installation

Our specialist installation team can serve Jersey & Guernsey businesses

We recognise that most installations have their own nuanced needs and as such we are perfectly experienced to build a solution around pretty much whatever situation presents. We will assess your space and machine requirements and recommend a way through to help achieve happy colleagues enjoying lovely coffee and fresh filtered water.

We have worked with most office designers and shop fitting companies as well as lots of Mechanical & Electrical companies to ensure a collegiate approach to delivering the goods!