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We supply coffee, water & vending solutions to the office & hospitality industries in the Channel Islands.

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Now Installing - Zip Taps

The next generation of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered tap water.

Caffeine Mechanics are now providers of Zip Taps to Jersey & Guernsey Homes, Offices, Pubs & Restaurants.

Caffeine Mechanics are the leaders for all things coffee, water and vending in Jersey & Guernsey.

We support customers in all areas of this market space from small offices, kiosks and bars to large corporate offices, restaurants and hotels. What ever your needs, we can advise and supply the right equipment and support you with it over its lifetime. We have honed our machine offering to ensure we provide the market leading models from the best manufacturers.

We continue to push for excellence in the delivery of our service and pride ourselves on our personal, friendly approach to our customers.

Coffee Blends

We’ll keep you stocked up with high quality coffee bean blends.

Long Haul

Bright, Winey Acidity, Creamy Body, Sweet & Nutty, Notes of Dark Chocolate & Caramel


Coffee Strength

Camp Fire

Nutty, Soft Fruit Notes, Chocolate, Pipe Tobacco, Medium Body, Slight Dry Finish


Coffee Strength

Full Swing

Rich, Full-Bodied, Milk Chocolate, Cream & Hazelnut. Well Balanced with subtle citrus

Brazil, Latin America, Vietnam

Coffee Strength

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