See how boiling water taps are benefiting office life in the Channel Islands

The UK and Channel Islands get through around 7 million kettles every year so it’s great that boiling water taps offer a more efficient way to get hot water at work.

Cleaner, more hygienic, economical and sustainable, boiling water taps have a multitude of benefits for office life in the Channel Islands.

And it’s not just about hot water, water dispensers also deliver filtered water, chilled water and sparkling water. From a single tap staff can make hot beverages and get: hot water for cooking, warm water for cleaning and chilled water to drink.

Offering precision and smart functions to cut energy use and time, let’s whizz through the  top reasons why hot water taps are the best water systems for contemporary offices in Jersey.

See how boiling water taps are benefiting office life in the Channel Islands


The constant battle to keep office kitchens clean is legendary. Install a hot water dispenser in your Jersey business and you’ll have a streamlined water system which delivers a sleek aesthetic.

Hot water taps are compact, space-saving systems which keep everything tucked away out of sight leaving only the water dispenser visible.

Putting an end to unsightly kettles, urns, wires, water coolers and pipework, it’s so much easier to keep work surfaces tidy so office kitchens and meeting rooms remain  welcoming, clean spaces.

More hygienic

It’s fair to say, post-Covid, we’re even more aware of the importance of good hygiene in the workplace and how quickly germs can spread.

Safety and Health magazine reported a whopping 84% of survey respondents were concerned about hygiene standards in the shared environment of the workplace post-Covid, with 65% highlighting cleanliness as a major issue.1

Operated at the touch of a button or wave of the hand, boiling water dispensers put an end to the potential for germs to be passed through the practice of handling taps. Slick motion sensors ensure water taps are easy for everyone in the office to use.  View  dispensers

Improved Efficiency

A single hot tap able to dispense chilled, filtered, boiling and sparkling water is a far more efficient way to get clean, safe water for offices.

Doing the work of urns, water coolers, kettles and more, water taps offer a more economical, multi-functional solution for Jersey businesses that’s sustainable.

Whether employees want a hot drink, glass of cold water or hot water for cooking or cleaning, the water dispenser provides so many options. Changed instantly at the tap of the control panel, it’s easy for staff to get exactly what they need in record time.

There’s no longer a need to remove empty water cooler tanks, buy sparkling water for functions or replace kettles and urns. Instead, your long-lasting tap will do it all with built-in safety features ensuring safe use for everyone. View taps

Energy Saving

Smart functions and intelligent systems with energy-saving modes mean a boiling water tap will ensure you only use the exact amount of energy and water you need.

Putting an end to waste water and energy from over-filled kettles, over-heated urns and leaky water coolers, smart controls heat or chill water to the precise temperature you desire in record time.

Slashing preparation times, employees can get what they need quickly and return to work tasks without scalding their throat on coffee that’s too hot.

With kettles accounting for a thumping 6% of energy consumption and water waste a global priority, the need for efficient office water use in Jersey is more important than ever.


Free from impurities, staff and visitors can enjoy cleaner water which tastes better and is safe to drink.

Throughout the working day, the choice between still, hot, boiling and sparkling water, makes it easier for everyone to drink plenty of water fuelling better productivity. Find your perfect boiling water tap for your Jersey office today Go

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