Coffee for offices – why provide fresh coffee in your Jersey workplace?

Contemporary employees have a different perspective. Analyse the research and the benefits of providing fresh coffee in your Jersey workplace ticks an enormous number of boxes for the values today’s employee holds dear.

It initially sounds so simple but the installation of a coffee machine can show you’re a forward-thinking employer with a concern for staff wellbeing.

For today’s workforce, a modern business leader who shares some of the same values, wants to create a strong community and promotes collaborative working has strong appeal.

With the capacity to improve staff performance, satisfaction and retention whilst building a strong company culture where everyone feels valued, coffee machines can deliver much more than a hot drink.

Here’s all you need to know about the top reasons why providing fresh coffee in your Jersey workplace could boost business growth long into the future.

Why provide coffee for offices in your Jersey Workplace?

Demonstrates Staff Value

Today you can’t recruit and retain good staff or secure top performance if your workforce doesn’t feel valued. It’s the biggest factor in staff morale and a major consideration for new recruits when comparing one company against another.

If you look like you don’t care about your staff, you’ll quickly find yourself losing out on top talent. Install an office coffee machine and you can provide concrete evidence you see the contribution staff make to the company and care about their welfare

Why? Consider some of the practical benefits of fresh coffee for offices such as efficiency.

Promotes Efficient Use of Time

You can’t think of the global workforce without picturing long lines of staff queuing for coffee throughout the working day.

Indeed, a study by McKinsey and Company in 2008 showed staff felt happier when they were provided with hot beverages at work.

According to the British Coffee Association we drink around 98 million cups of coffee every day in the UK. That’s a lot of coffee shop visits. Consider for a second, how much time is wasted as your staff wait in line for coffee before and during work.

They may even change their mind about working late because they’re desperate for a good cup of coffee.

Having an office coffee machine in your Jersey business solves that problem and so much more. Helping staff to use their working hours more efficiently means better productivity for your company.

Indeed, an extra large capacity, top-performing bean to cup coffee machine, such as the Rex Royal S500, will help to make coffee-making even quicker. ….view  

Boosts Productivity

Free from the need to queue or pay for coffee during the day, it’s a guaranteed outcome thatstaff will be more relaxed at work without the stressors and distractions of coffee shop visits.

We know productivity increases when employees feel happy and relaxed but did you know there are studies which show caffeine has the potential to relieve pain?

In fact, beyond its natural capacity to make you more alert, research suggests caffeine can also increase cognitive functioning and lighten your mood.

For example, there are lots of studies, which have found caffeine can improve your attention-span and memory, such as one conducted by the University of Barcelona into the consumption of caffeine and glucose.

Meanwhile, the act of leaving their desk to get a coffee from the office coffee area provides employees with small breaks in the day which help to keep the mind fresh.

On top of so many health advantages, psychology says we build lasting connection and relationship when we receive something from a company. Stack up all these benefits and it’s easy to see how advantageous coffee machines in Jersey businesses can be.

And there’s more.

Creates Positive Company Culture

Happy, productive and efficient staff are key to the creation of a positive company culture.

Prized by contemporary employees, positive company culture is a tangible thing potential recruits and stakeholders look out for when they visit. Things like the presence of coffee machines are the type of indicators they hope to see.

Encourages Collaborative Working

Did you know you look more approachable with a cup of coffee in your hand?

The Guardian cites fascinating research which shows employees look more inviting with a steaming coffee cup in their hand whilst highlights how many ways it aids collaboration in the workplace. 

Just think about how much easier it is to leave your desk to get a cup of coffee from the office coffee machine then join a collaborative workspace or start talking to a colleague about a project or contribute to a discussion with a warm cup of coffee to grip.  

With its HD capacitive display and fresh milk system, the slick Gaggia L Radiosa delivers superior cups of coffee guaranteed to get everyone talking. ….view 

Builds Stronger Teams

Improved staff communication and performance is guaranteed to build stronger teams, better output and a solid future for your business. Who knew coffee for offices could be so powerful!

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